Finding the right Life Insurance products can be challenging in today’s insurance environment. Andrich Brokerage offers a complete line of individual life insurance products that are crafted to meet you and your family’s specific needs and we specialize in designing policies that include living benefits. We work with several different top-rated insurance companies, and will place your account with the company that will provide you with the coverage and benefits you want.
Andrich Brokerage can help you make sound, informed decisions about issues affecting your life, health and insurance needs. Our philosophy is to fully understand your objectives and then translate them into solutions that provide assurance and peace-of-mind.

Term Life Insurance

Life insurance from Andrich Brokerage can help you secure your family’s financial future by providing the funds they need to: cover burial expenses, uninsured medical bills, pay off your mortgage and other outstanding debts, and maintain a comfortable standard of living.

Andrich Brokerage believes that it is important to include living benefits on every policy. There are currently a handful of carriers that offer a full suite of living benefits on term policies and we represent most of these carriers.

  • Secure financial future

  • Living Benefits

  • Low Cost Protection

  • No Increased Premiums

  • Remains In Force With Premium Payments

Term Life Insurance is a low-cost way of providing maximum coverage for your family. Protection is provided for a limited number of years. The insurance expires without value if the insured lives beyond the policy period, usually 5 to 20 years. Other policy life periods are available, including 1 year annual renewable term.

Term insurance premiums will not increase during the guaranteed policy time period (term) you select. Term Life Insurance pays a death benefit only if you die during that term. Term insurance generally provides the largest insurance protection for your premium dollar.

Term Life Insurance remains in force for as long as premiums are current, provided there are no misrepresentations on the application. The insurance coverage terminates if you discontinue your premium payments.

What is Return of Premium (ROP) Term life Insurance?

A return of premium (ROP) life insurance policy means that when the term of your life insurance policy is up and you’re still alive, you get the amount you put in as premiums returned to you,TAX FREE. If you paid $50 a month for a 10-year term, you get $6,000 back.

Mortgage Protection Insurance

For most homeowners, the mortgage is the single largest source of personal debt. Mortgage protection insurance is a specialized life insurance policy designed to pay off that debt in the event of your death.

Imagine the worst case scenario. A fatal accident today would force your loved ones to immediately experience financial hardship. On top of your final expenses, the mortgage is due, but your family has no way to pay it without your income. They haven’t even had enough time to grieve and now they have to deal with the impending tragedy of foreclosure.

Like most life insurance, mortgage protection, including living benefits, eases the financial burden of your loved ones. It is an affordable way of ensuring that your home is paid for no matter the circumstances. Cancer, stroke, heart attack, injury, death… your family will never be in jeopardy of losing its home as long as you put a custom mortgage protection insurance plan in place.

Permanent Insurance

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